Holistic Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health Coaching at RN’B takes a family focused approach to wellness and improving overall quality of life!

 Health coaching may help: 

  • Improve digestive health 
  • Decrease food sensitivities 
  • Diversify diet 
  • Lose weight 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Gain energy 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Improve skin health 
  • Improve attention, mood, behavior, and brain function 
  • Set life goals and achieve them! 

Free 30 minute Consultation

Meal Prep Workshop

Do you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? Do you want to make more home cooked meals for you and your family? Do you want cooking to be fun and not time consuming? Take part in a meal prep workshop and learn about: 

  • Healthy but simple ingredients right from your fridge 
  • Ingredients best for your gut and lifestyle 
  • Prepping several meals from the same ingredients, in no time 
  • Make meals that last you for days so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every night 
  • Learn to include foods that your spouse and kids will love! 

I want you to feel confident in your ability to create a delicious and healthy meal in a matter of minutes and for your body to feel more balanced. 

You will receive copies of all the recipes we create! All food, utensils, and space are provided for you and are included in the price. 

Trip To Grocery Store

Take a trip with me to your local grocery store and learn to: 

  • Navigate the grocery store 
  • Understand what to buy to stay healthy 
  • Stay on budget 
  • Learn to substitute processed foods for healthy natural ingredients 
  • Become an expert label reader 

Get a private tour or invite your friends! 

Pantry Makeover

Do you really know what is in your fridge and pantry? Do you have packaged meals and snacks that make eating quicker but are wreaking havoc on your health? Let’s work together to revamp your kitchen space. 

  • Master how to quickly and easily navigate food labels 
  • Understand what’s in your condiments and how to make your own healthy version 
  • Know where your produce, meat, eggs, and dairy come from and how they affect your body and our earth 
  • Make better beverage choices 
  • Gain knowledge of what to do with your leftovers and how to properly store foods in your freezer 
  •  Learn about the packaged meals (breads, pastas, cereals, cookies) that are in your pantry and how to choose better alternatives. 
  • Master which oils are healthy and at which temperatures they should be used. 
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