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Prenatal Pilates

Widely regarded as one of the best forms of exercise for pregnancy around, Prenatal Pilates is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the expectant mother. Pilates can safely boost your physical and mental health. Because Pilates focuses on increasing stability, in addition to strengthening the entire body, it can help relieve joint pain—and prevent it from even occurring in the first place. Thanks to the focus on better posture, alignment and body awareness, Pilates is known for helping to relieve back and hip pain and sciatica while helping to alleviate symptoms of pubic synthesis, a common pregnancy condition.

Prenatal Pilates differs from “regular” Pilates in that there’s more of a focus on the transverse abdominis, which is that deep layer of muscles that “corset” the waist. The core connection becomes about building and reinforcing the support system, instead of increasing the strength of the abdominal contraction. The deep breathing, as well as the mind-body connection, emphasized in Pilates sessions and classes helps to prepare mothers for labor and childbirth. These factors also help increase resolve, to better cope with the emotional ups and downs many women experience during pregnancy.

Postnatal Pilates

Congrats on your new baby! Life caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, especially when you add in the sleep deprivation new mothers experience, so self-care is of the utmost importance now. Postnatal Pilates can help prevent common postpartum issues, such as lower-back and shoulder tension; the deep breathing emphasized leads to more energy, mental clarity and patience. Whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, Pilates can help to accelerate the recovery process, making you feel calmer and more connected in the process. The right exercises can also help heal diastasis recti, which is an excessive separation of the abdominals common in postpartum women.

Custom Pilates Plan

Pilates benefits are countless. With dedicated and consistent practice, the mindfulness you will find with your body and the way it moves will begin to translate into your everyday life. Pilates is much more than an exercise method – it is a lifestyle.




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