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Our Mission

Rhythm N’ Beets was created to provide families with professional therapy and alternative care services geared towards improving health and wellness. Our objective is to guide individuals of all ages towards a healthier lifestyle. Using an integrative approach, we strive to empower you, our clients, to fashion an individualized plan that meets your life goals. Having you acquire and maintain healthy habits for a lifetime is our passion and unwavering goal.

How Rhythm N' Beets Was Born

Yana Pinkhasov is a Pediatric Speech/Language Pathologist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her love for serving children with intellectual disabilities and her passion for improving the health and well-being of kiddos and families, were incorporated to give rise to Rhythm N' Beets LLC!


Simple Habits for a Healthier You

Learn how little changes can make a big difference!

Tips and Tricks for Happier Kids

Activity, routine, and food ideas to help your kiddos shine!


Recipes for Kid and Adults

Simple and healthy recipes, the whole family will enjoy!


I've been fortunate enough to know Yana as a friend and I truly appreciate her passion for restorative health options that include mind, body, and soul. Her vision for Rhythm N' Beets has come to fruition! Sue, yoga instructor for RN'B is patient, encouraging, and kind with each student, no matter your level of ability. You leave her class feeling calm and renewed!

Cara Hulse

My son and I had a great time at the Family Yoga in the park event with Rhythm N' Beets. We appreciate events that are family centered! Sue and Yana were very helpful and friendly. Looking forward to joining in on other activities!

Rebecca Shellito

Despite my initial misgivings due to my lack of familiarity with Yoga and meditation, the Gentle Yoga offered by Sue Beres and Rhythm n' Beets was quite an enjoyable experience. The class was held outdoors and socially-distanced at the Coffee Creek Wetlands Preserve. Sue, the instructor, made me feel comfortable and was supportive in guiding me through my first experience doing Yoga. At the end of the session I was very relaxed and felt a sense of accomplishment. The setting of the session was also very calming and serene. I strongly recommend these sessions and look forward to joining another in the future.

Jon Harrison

The Gentle Yoga offered by Sue Beres and Rhythm n' Beets at picturesque Coffee Creek transformed my Saturday morning into a relaxing full mind-body experience, and sent me on my way to a more centered and balanced day. It was a pleasure and I look forward to future classes.

Dr. Fox

Peace, tranquility, and calm...three words that first come to mind thinking about my Saturday morning outdoor yoga class at Rhythm N' Beets. My experience at the gentle yoga class helped me to relax and focus on the activity not my demanding life. The instructor, Sue Beres, was engaging and motivational. I look forward to enjoying another session at Rhythm N' Beets soon!

Dr. Lynam

Yana is an amazing health coach, very knowledgeable and attentive to your needs. I reached out to Yana to get some advice on how to finally get myself on track for a better overall health and well-being focusing primarily on my diet. She helped me understand how to approach a healthy lifestyle without feeling like I’m making huge sacrifices. Yana is super supportive and always available to talk or problem solve if needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to make lifestyle adjustments and wants a coach with a wealth of knowledge.

Yulia Dernovsky

I have joined Sue for several yoga classes outdoors and she is phenomenal. I’ve never attended yoga classes where I’ve actually learned things about yoga and it’s philosophy until I took a class with Sue. Her classes are more about learning and understanding your body, than having the perfect pose. Which is great for me. I leave every class with her relaxed, feeling positive, accomplished and usually like the weight of the week (or weeks) has been lifted so I can start fresh. She is very calming and overall a great teacher, always leaving some sort of wisdom for you to carry with you for the week. I highly recommend joining a class at Rhythm ‘N Beets! You won’t be disappointed!

Nicki Van Duyn

I truly enjoy yoga practice at Rhythm N' Beets, with Sue. Her soothing voice and knowledge of both the traditional and meditative aspects of yoga help me to achieve a greater balance of mind and body. I breathe deeper, move easier, and experience more freedom from my anxious mind after every practice.

Tiffany Stahl

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