Rhythm ‘n Beets: Wellness Spot and Therapy Center


Our Mission

Rhythm N’ Beets was created to provide families with professional therapy and alternative care services geared towards improving health and wellness. Our objective is to guide individuals of all ages towards a healthier lifestyle. Using an integrative approach, we strive to empower you, our clients, to fashion an individualized plan that meets your life goals. Having you acquire and maintain healthy habits for a lifetime is our passion and unwavering goal.

How Rhythm N’ Beets Was Born

Yana Pinkhasov is a Pediatric Speech/Language Pathologist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her love for serving children with intellectual disabilities and her passion for improving the health and well-being of kiddos and families, were incorporated to give rise to Rhythm N’ Beets LLC!

What’s in a name?

Rhythm refers to a concept of regularity and recurrence, whether it is related to music, dance, the meter of spoken language, or even the human body (circadian rhythm, heart beat). Why beets? For one, beets are a superfood, that contain potassium, betaine, magnesium, folate, vitamin C, and nitrates. Beets can help reduce blood pressure, anemia, improve circulation, and cognitive function. Well, and coming from the former Soviet Union, I grew up eating A LOT of beets!

Thus, Rhythm N’ Beets was born to provide a unique alternative to rehabilitation, health, and wellness for children and their families. To create lasting and effective change, RN’B uses a collaborative team of professionals to create an integrative approach to therapy and wellness. Our ultimate goal is to set individuals up for success beyond our doors.

Uniquely Nico Inc
Uniquely Nico Inc
15. October, 2021.
A great center that offers many opportunities for families to improve their heal and well being. Yana, the owner, is very easy to work with. Highly recommend!!
John Lynam
John Lynam
26. September, 2021.
Little bit of peace and serenity in a busy world. Iave taken several yoga classes both inside, and outdoors at Rhythm N' Beets and have loved my experiences. Instructors were focused and helpful, felt they truly focused on providing individual attention, in a small class environment. Would recommend without reservation, and look forward to my next class.
Lisa Jegen
Lisa Jegen
15. September, 2021.
Love RnB! I tried Dry Needling to address some pain I have in my shoulder, knee and foot. Dr. Patel was excellent! Listened to my issues and concerns and did a very good job explaining the process. I felt immediate relief and now have a "game plan" in place to alleviate the pain on my own. Very relaxing atmosphere. Very Clean. I highly recommend!
Tammy Lipscomb
Tammy Lipscomb
24. April, 2021.
Jim was great! My initial visit he checked on my medications, he listened to my spine stories, he learned about my back injections… Then he came up with a plan. I experienced relief after the first session. We focused on my left SI joint. I would highly recommend anyone that has back pain, and is trying to find relief, should try acupuncture. This may work for you too!

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